Jewish? Yes. Kosher? No.

Stopsky’s is a Jewish delicatessen. We are not a kosher delicatessen. We considered starting a kosher delicatessen because we deeply respect those who keep kosher in their homes and lives, but concluded it wouldn’t be sustainable given our menu and our overall clientele. To be a kosher meat restaurant, we would have to forego our espresso bar, our in-house bakery, and a number of local organic purveyors. However, we will not serve pork or shellfish, and all of our ingredients will be impeccably sourced. We view what we’re doing as “ethically kosher,” but will offer dairy and meat items at the same meal.

For those who want a strictly kosher dining experience, there are a number of options in the Seattle area. A complete list can be found at Seattle Va’ad. On Mercer Island, Island Crust Pizza is one choice, and Albertson’s has a kosher section.