Redefining delicatessen

“Delicatessen” is German for fine food, but at most delis it means fast food. At Stopsky’s however, our food evokes the original definition. In order to “redefine” the classification, we have adopted two phrases that form our philosophy: “Tradition, updated,” and “Made with love.”

“Tradition, updated” means our recipes are inspired by traditional Jewish cuisine from around the world and our location in the contemporary Pacific Northwest. We strive to bring you what is fresh, what is local, and what is healthy.

The Hebrew phrase in our logo means “made with love.” We put our heart into the food we put on your plate! It’s a commitment to creating as much by hand and in-house as possible, or buying our goods as locally as possible: we source our baked goods and bread from organic and artisanal local bakeries, smoke our own meat and fish, and making our own pickles, and coleslaw. One look, one smell, one taste will show you the difference.

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